GROUP RULES (Guideline #22)



I. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program consist of an Assessment (Intake) and Orientation, at least 36 hours of group sessions and an hour individual exit session in a minimum of 18 weekly sessions, not to exceed one session per week. Breaks, assessment (intake), and orientation are not to be included towards the 36 hours; Dallas County requires a minimum of 24 classes (Guideline # 12).
2. Male same-sex offenders/defendants should not be placed in male heterosexual groups or if the MEMMS does not have enough offenders/defendants to constitute a group for same-sex offenders/defendants, MEMMS may provide individual sessions.
3. If I have a cell phone it must be tuned off or on silent and placed out of sight; text messaging is not allowed; credit for class will not be given if participant is observed using phone.
4. Each branch office will decide if FOOD is allowed in group rooms; alcoholic beverages are prohibited. No food or drinks (except water) are allowed.
5. If I destroy or damage property, I will be held immediately liable for the damage. The incident will be reported to the Court, my Supervision Officer or attorney.
6. I am expected to listen to my instructor and classmates without interruption during the sessions. Therefore, when someone else is speaking, I will be quiet and wait respectfully for my turn to speak or to be called upon by the instructor.
7. I will use the restroom prior to class. In-session breaks should be reserved for emergencies only. The break should be no longer than 5 minutes unless I have prior approval from the counselor or MEMMS staff to be out of class longer. Prolonged breaks will result not getting credit for class.
8. Payment Policy & Fee Schedule — CLASS/SESSIONS ARE DUE PRIOR TO ATTENDANCE.  

PAYMENT POLICY: Payments are NOT REFUNDABLE, as a reserved spot has been made at time of payment for scheduled session. Classes/sessions are pre-paid; if you attend a class, you are responsible for payment. CANCELLATIONS/NO SHOW Sessions will result in a service charge to reschedule. Chargeback items will result in additional fees due.  

Intake/Orientation is $40; Class is $25 per class & Individual Exit Session is $40. Client will not receive credit for class due to non-payment however has the option to stay in class and learn; non-payment for class constitute a no show for that week. MEMMS will not terminate/discharge offender/defendant for non-payment until CSCD or Court has authorized termination/discharge.
10. This building has been designated as a Non-Smoking facility. Therefore, smoking is prohibited on the grounds of this building including parking lot. By signing this document, you hereby agree to abide by the SMOKING policy.
11. Clients are not to bring onto the premises any item that contains alcohol or other psychoactive drugs. This also applies to prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.
12. I hereby agree to arrive to all of my sessions on time. I understand that I will NOT be admitted to my group AFTER THE DESIGNATED START TME. That time will be less (at the discretion of the instructor) for clients who have a pattern of arriving late.
13. I understand that I MUST legibly print my full name, phone # & amount of payment for each class in the group attendance roster provided. I WILL NOT be counted present for the session unless I write my name on the roster. If the roster cannot be read, credit for class will not be given.
14. I will bring completed homework assignments to group. If l do not have the homework completed, I will discuss the issue with my instructor(s). I will provide him/her my plan to resolve this problem.
15. MEMMS wi1l notify assigned CSO in writing by fax no later than 8:00 a.m. the next business day, of offenders/defendants who fail to show for their scheduled intake and/or fail to show for group/individual sessions. Attendance is a key element in completing the program successfully: Should an offender/defendant miss a minimum of two individual or group sessions, excused or unexcused, the program should make reasonable effort to reschedule a missed individual session or cover group material during the next regularly scheduled individual session.
16. MEMMS session make up procedure. At assessment, MEMMS will inform offender/defendant verbally and in writing of the attendance policy which requires member to attend group and if assessed to need individual sessions weekly. If unable to attend a scheduled appointment regardless of the reason, offender/defendant is responsible for contacting MEMMS within 72 hours of absence and within the same week for which the absences took place to inform MEMMS of member's inability to attend, the reason for the absence and to request a make-up session by attending at a later date during the same week or by making up the absences individually; advance payment is required for all individual sessions including exit. MEMMS will schedule the session; make up session must be completed prior to the next schedule group or individual session. During make up session, member will be reminded of the attendance policy and of the consequences of missing group or individual session.
17. Due to the amount of content and the limitations of making up for missed sessions, MEMMS will discharge offender/defendant who has the following absences: Total of three (3) consecutive or non-consecutive absences. NOTE: Only hospitalization lasting less than one (1) month, illness with doctor's note, Court appearances or temporary incarceration due to court action shall be considered an excused absence. All other reasons are considered by CSCD as unexcused.
18. Terminations/Discharges. MEMMS will provide a written copy of the termination/discharge policy to the offender/defendant when the assessment is conducted. Prior to termination/discharge, MEMMS will schedule and coordinate with offenders/defendants community supervision officer or designee to evaluate if any additional services are- required for offender/defendant. A copy of each offenders/defendants. discharge. plan and summary will be submitted to CSCD within five (5) days of such termination/discharge regardless of reason. Under no circumstances will the MEMMS terminate/discharge any offender/defendant without having first furnished the department with thereof. Offender/Defendant will be discharged by either:
Satisfactory Program Completion which includes but is not limited to (Guideline #19): Completion of orientation and assessment; Completion of the required number of classes as directed by the program;
completion of the required individual exit session, full payment of fees and compliance with program rules Or by Termination which includes, but is not limited to: Continued abuse, particularly physical violence; Non-attendance; Non-compliance with other intervention conditions or provisions that are part of the offenders/defendants written agreement; Violation of program and/or group rules; and frequent and/or continued use of manipulation or disruptive behavior during group sessions.
19. I hereby agree to contact MEMMS by phone at (817) 893.0994. When I am unable to attend a scheduled session. THIS ACTION WILL NOT EXCUSE ME FROM THE GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL SESSION BUT WILL PROVIDE NFORMATION AS TO THE REASON FOR MY NO-SHOW. Only your SUPERVISION OFFICER may excuse you from a group or session.
20. Should I come to the program under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering chemicals, I will be sent home and NOT be allowed to participate. My condition will be reported to my probation officer. It will be my responsibility to arrange transportation home so I'm not a danger to myself or others for driving under the influence.
21. I hereby agree not to be abusive towards any staff person or other group members. I understand that I may not use sexist or racist language.
22. I hereby agree not to bring weapons of any kind (gun, knife, etc.) to the group sessions. I understand that failure to abide by this rule is grounds for immediate termination of services and shall be reported to the proper authorities.
23. I hereby agree to respect the confidentiality rights of my fellow client/group members. I further understand that a violation of this rule shall result in immediate termination from the program and shall be reported to the proper authorities.
24. I hereby agree to notify a staff person of any and all emergencies that I am either a part of or a witness to while on the property.
25. I understand that MEMMS is committed to helping me gain a better understanding of my problems and how to find productive solutions. That it is the main goal of my psycho-educational classes.
26. I agree to the following obligations to the program and consequences for non-compliance:
a) Cooperation with group rules;
b) Compliance with the written attendance policy;
c) Cessation of violent, abusive, threatening, and controlling behaviors, including stalking and violation of a protective order;
d) Non-abusive, non-controlling, and non-intimidating behavior toward other group participant's and group facilitators;
e) Agreement to be drug and alcohol free at the time intervention services are provided; and
f) Compliance with financial agreements made with the program.
During assessment, MEMMS will gather information as to offender's/defendant's appropriateness for program participation and the possible need for referral. Offenders/defendants will have a written individual treatment plan identifying objectives to be completed within ten (10) days of admission to the program.
27. During group discussions, participants may not blame anyone else for their own behaviors.
28. Participants agree to not use any form of violence, abusive, threatening and controlling behaviors, including stalking or violating protective order during the entire time they are in the program. A participant who uses violence may be terminated from the program. This action will be reported to participant' s parole and/or supervision officer and other referral agencies as necessary.
29. Participants will develop and adhere to a non-violence plan as outlined in program curriculum.

• Absolute confidentiality. Be in the room alone. No one can see or hear your Zoom.
• Adequate lighting, remain face-forward in the camera.
• No multi-tasking, inattentiveness, or distractions. Participation is required.
• No lying down, lounging. Sit upright, dress properly (must have a shirt on).
• No eating. Drinking (non-alcoholic beverage only, preferably water).
• No smoking/vaping.
• You cannot do your Zoom outside. If you are in a vehicle, you cannot be driving, and you must be in the vehicle alone. Same rules as above apply.
• Breaking outside of corporate break time is not permitted. When breaks are taken, mute your mic and disable your camera. Do not log off the Zoom. When break is over, please return to camera view. When breaks are taken, the class time will be extended to compensate for corporate break(s) taken.
• Be polite and courteous in your responses and allow others to finish speaking before talking. For questions or to respond, you can use the “raise hand” feature.
As evidenced by my signature below, I agree to participate in group education with the facilitator as determine by MEMMS Counseling staff. I acknowledge that, with group education, there is a risk of disclosure of confidential information by persons in the group to individuals outside the group. I agree that I will not disclose information learned by me during the course of any group session and will protect each participant's right to confidentiality. I agree to hold MEMMS, its staff, counselors or instructors harmless from any and all claims of liability resulting from the disclosure of confidential information by others. I further agree not to hold MEMMS. its staff, counselors or instructors responsible, and release those mentioned from any claim or liability that I would assert as a result of disclosure of my confidential information by others.
I understand I may choose to discontinue group education at any time; I understand and acknowledge that MEMMS is not responsible for any negative consequence as the result of my choice.
I have read the Group Rules and understand the requirements for successful completion and my responsibility to MEMMS Counseling and fellow group members with respect to my interactions with them and my overall behavior. I understand non-compliance with these terms will result in my dismissal from the program.